Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hey I Made the Internet!

Hey I made the Internet! In Germany we have an Internet site that reports on the regional runs. I'm the dude in the gray sweatshirt (#1812) and dark pants. That's my escort crew in front of me that I followed for half the race (before blowing them away!). If anyone is interested in the German site the URL is: http://www.laufreport.de/archiv/0305/kandel/kandel.htm Posted by Hello

Glückwünsche. Sie sind berühmt!

Congrats and thanks for the kind words on my site. If you want a nifty thing to add to your beams in the barn, check out http://www.ringtraining.com/ They've got gymnasts rings, which you can use for chins, dips, and all kinds of painful new fun. : )
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