Thursday, March 24, 2005

Gentle Spring Rain - Quick Pace - Easter Run?

Whew, the end of a busy work week, tomorrow (Good Friday) is a holiday in Germany´üŐ Tonight I ran my 12K (14K) route. I started with a nice strong, but comfortable pace, as I passed the 10K point (55:26 on the stopwatch) a gentle rain began to fall. I love a spring rain, the soul cleansing fresh air. What a pleasure to run. When I finished my run I was shocked by my time, 76:50, the fastest that I have ever run my training run, and I really felt great. The thing is I never really felt that I was pushing that hard, I guess my training is starting to pay off, or there is magic in a spring rain!.

On Saturday is an Easter Run in the Rhineland-Pfalz, about a half hour from us. I am really tempted to run the 10K, or maybe even the half-marathon. I was planning to run a half-marathon race along the Rhine river on April 16, but this is the same weekend as a critical long run (30K or ~19miles) that I need if I run the Mannheim Marathon on May 21. So I have to think about this carefully. There are enough other half-marathons in the next few months, so really I can postpone trying to break my PR and concentrate on the marathon training.

Sometimes it's hard to resist signing up for a race, isn't it. :-)
wow, it sounds like your training is really falling into place. You'll be ready come marathon time. And memories of the Rhine (prom on a boat going down the river....after graduation, sitting on the banks of the river talking about our futures) Memories:)
When I graduated from college (University of Maryland, European Division) our class had a Rhine river cruise from Heidelberg. That does bring back fond memories.
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