Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fast Recovery, but Cautious

Today I feel better, a little stiff and more tired than usual, but no aching muscles. I thank my better half for some excellent recovery food and for allowing me to fall apart on the couch for a couple hours yesterday afternoon.

I think I am going to slow down a bit this week on the running, because next Sunday is a half-marathon (Bienwald). I have already told myself that I am not going to try to break my P.R. on that run, as it is still too cold and they are reporting more snow this week. I think I need to just go and enjoy myself and run how I feel on that day.

I have three 12K runs planned before Sunday (M-W-F), but may just do two and take an extra rest day and/or do some crosstraining. I have pretty much decided to wait until September and just do one marathon this year. The winter keeps dragging on - I planted potatoes and onions the second week of March last year - this year the ground is still frozen.

Glad you are recovering. Food and rest always help. I'm still struggling to rebuild distance...and my longest distance to date was 5.5 miles!! 13 sounds like a killer to me:)
Good plan on backing off a little this week if you have a Half on Sunday. Think of it as a mini-taper. You might surprise yourself with your recovery. Maybe a PR? :)
A mini-taper might just be the thing, I would love to pull a new P.R. out of my jogging hat, especially when it's not planned :)
Backing off this week sounds like a good plan. Two 13 mile runs on back to back weekend is a lot! I usually do a "long" long run only every other weekend at this point, with a shorter "long" run in between. Determined NOT to get injured this year!
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