Friday, March 11, 2005

Doom, Despair and Misery…

… or getting a cold 4 days before a half-marathon. This sucks! I woke up yesterday morning, scratchy throat, sneezing – I knew this was not a good thing. This morning I sounded even worse. The good news is - no fever (yet) and the cough isn’t so deep. Maybe I will make a miraculous recovery by Sunday, I’m not giving up hope. I have run longer runs while having a cold, it’s just a matter of slowing down things. Sunday is supposed to be over 40°F, maybe sunny, if I feel up to it I may just go and use this for a training run. I going to jog a few miles tonight and see how it goes. I’m pretty well convinced that a new PR is out of the question at this point, and a total cancellation is also not ruled out. In either case there are definitely enough other running events coming up over the next few months. So I have talked myself into feeling better about the whole thing. That said, it still sucks! :-<

I'm so sorry...timing is everything. As you said, there are other races ahead, and it looks like you've made that mental shift already.
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