Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Decision on May Marathon

First I want to thank everyone that responded to my thoughts on running a May marathon. For now I've decided to keep training like I'm going to do May and see how I feel. I'm sure that I would come across the finish line, it's just a question on how strong I would finish. What is sure is that I'm not going to get all stressed out about it, if I feel up to it, my wife is game, and things fall in place than I may go for it. In any case I am already signed up for the Baden Marathon in September. The marathon in May does not have a limit, so I can wait until the day before to sign up. So for now I will just keep training :->

Sounds like a good plan!
Agreed, that's a good plan. Stress ruins training for races too, so training with no pressure for this race is an excellent way to go.
There you go...and either way, you run a marathon.
It sounds like a great plan. So, umm, where is the marathon? Karlsruhe?
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