Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Day of Rest

Rest, rest and more rest, that is the story for the day. I was going to work in the garden today (I'm on vacation this week), but it's raining, so that's out. So now I have a bit of forced relaxation - gee maybe God is trying to tell me to take a break:-O

Anyway I did some cross-training this morning: dishes, vacuuming, scrubbed the bathtub, etc. My better half will be so pleased! The rest of the day I plan on catching up on my genealogy notes and webpage, one of my rainy day hobbies. My legs feel much better, yesterday they were tired. I know the feeling from my first half-marathon last year, it took a week or two to fully recover, and I was running much less back then.

Maybe I will take a short run tonight to stretch out a bit. I have a long run 28K (almost 18 miles) scheduled for the weekend, I may play it safe and postpone it a week. I need to look over my training schedule to see if this mess things up too much. In any case first priority is to recover to run another day. I really have to keep telling myself this. My wife thinks I obsessed with my running - who me?

Obsessed? Jack? Never! :D

Nice crosstraining. You can come crosstrain at our house anytime. :)
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