Monday, March 14, 2005

The Day After...

So the morning after the race…hmmm…I woke up this morning slightly refreshed, legs a little stiff, the cold still active, but bearable. I debated whether I should stay home from work, got the thermometer out, nope no fever…thought about what I need to get done this week at work…that settled it, off to work I go. Easter is coming up in a couple weeks – in Germany that means a four day weekend - Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays - maybe I can get in a nice long run – maybe 28-30K? But that means get the pile down or bring it home over Easter – no wayyy!

I actually felt pretty good during the day, to be sure my nose was running, the occasional cough, a couple sneezes but bearable. The only time it got out of control was when I was on the phone with our sister company in the USA for a half-hour - I was turning purple trying not to cough the whole time. Afterward, I started gagging and coughing so bad one of the dudes in my office came over to pick me off the floor. A little water, some serious nose horns and a quick walk outside and I was good to go.

Tonight I am chilling out, my wife is at night school (Business English). I did my wife’s version of cross-training: the dishes, took out the trash, washed the mud off my three pairs of running shoes, cleaned the mud I’ve been tracking in from running out of the entrance way, etc. Things like this are imperative to conditioning my wife to support my running!

My legs feel good tonight, my neck and shoulders are a little out of whack, but everything else seems to be okay. Tomorrow is supposed to be 15°C, can’t remember what that is in °F, gosh I’ve been in Germany too long. By the way Mia, yes I often think about moving back home, we almost did after 9/11. The wife’s willing, it’ll just take the right opportunity, the right money in the bank, yeah it remains a possibility – anyone in need of a technical writer out there? Preferences: St. Clair Shores MI, northern MA (e.g. Billerica), no tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes please. Snow is okay, but need more money for heating and 4x4 :->

This week I have two 12K runs on the training calendar, probably Tuesday and Thursday, and a long run – about 24K. I have a couple runs floating through my mind already, a 10K in two weeks and a half-marathon in the middle of April. The half is supposed to be along the Rhine river, sounds interesting. Yeah I’m a glutton for punishment, yeah I know I just ran one yesterday, yeah I’m nuts. If still in doubt read my list of 100 weird things about me.

p.s. Thanks for the support guys, you can’t imagine how much it met too me on my race yesterday.

WOW! Just read your race report, the pictures, and now your post-day sigh-I-did-it!! I know I've said this reading other race reports, and I'll say it again here: I am INSPIRED. Your detailing what your brain and body went through during this race was awesome. Thank-you for this dose of inspiration ... and a BIG congratulations!
Hope you're seeing the last of that damn cold. And moving back to MI would be downright awful given the economy here right now. Not sure MA is much better (you'd have to ask Chris Brogan).
I love your "cross training". Hubby does all that stuff around here for me, too. But he doesn't run. Glad you were well enough to run!
Well, Jack, I think it's clear that you didn't run *hard enough* yesterday, evidenced by the fact that you are already planning the next big runs! Don't you want to rest at all?? You really are an inspiration.

And earthquakes aren't so bad! You can totally get used to them. I don't even get off the couch for less than a 6.5 or so. Who knows what that would be in metric. haha
- Mia
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