Thursday, March 03, 2005

Confessions of a Confused Runner

Yesterday was a no-run day, good thing to, as I got off work late. Normally, I start work at 6:45 a.m. and work to 3:30 p.m., which gets me home around 4 and on the trail by 4:30. When I do my 12K I get back shortly after my better half gets home from work.

Tonight I am running 12K, on Saturday I want to run 22-24K (up at 6 a.m.).

Decision time is near, I have to make a decision soon whether I am going to run the Mannheim marathon on May 21st. From the training side I think I can still build up to a 32K (20 mile) run by the first of May, which should get me over the finish line. On the other side I have already committed myself (i.e. signed up) for the Baden marathon on September 18th. I wonder if two is too much? More importantly is that my better half already believes that it is too much, so I am faced with possible negative vibes if I decide to run Mannheim. As a marathon is 60% a mind over matter game, negative vibes could potentially do me in.

Or am I just going nuts?


Confused in Stutensee

Uh, oh. Spouse says no? then its a tough climb. Two marathons a year sounds like alot. And that schedule gives you only 17 weeks in between. For me, I'd pick just one.
Good advice, I'm kind of leaning towards one. I'm worried that the 17 weeks is too short as you indicated. Having run for just over two years I have not yet reached superman status (yet);)

Of course the most important thing for me is that harmony remains at the homefront.
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