Saturday, March 19, 2005

CamelBak, Inline Skates, Nissan, all the lastest news

Jon asked me about cleaning the CamelBak. I ordered a brush kit at the same time I ordered the CamelBak. This consists of a larger brush for cleaning inside the liquid "pouch", plus a small brush mounted on a long flexible rod (snake) which allows you to clean the inside of the drink tube. On top of the "pouch" is a plug that can be removed to fill the pouch or to clean. It is large enough to at least get my smallish hand in to clean the inside with the brush. Some men (or women) with XL hand may have trouble with this.

I looked at Inline skates yesterday, tried on a couple pairs, fell down a couple times, and decided to wait until after my marathon to buy a pair. I used to ice skate a little as a teenager, I'm new to rollerblading so at this point am too worried that I hurt myself. As my wife shares this perspective I decided to leave it for now.

I took a closer look at the neighbors Nissan and am approaching it very cautiously. I found a number of "little things" wrong that the owner didn't seem to mention. Neighbor or not, I think I will have my mechanic brother-in-law take a look at it.

I woke up this morning with no negative effects from my rather long run (25-26K = ~16 miles). A little stiff, but this is normal after most of my longer runs. The only problem was the bathroom scales, according to them I gained 2Kg (~4 pounds) since yesterday. Probably something to do with eating everything in sight the whole day yesterday. I'm not too worried about this, in a day or two this will be back down again. That's why I run :->

You are such a honey! You did all the conversions! I know what you mean about running so you can eat :)
- Mia
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