Saturday, March 12, 2005

Blogger not Bloggin'?

It seems Blogger is experiencing technical difficulties, sometimes the "comments" work, sometimes not. Until Blogger figures this out feel free to you use my e-mail:

Today I feel somewhat better, throat not so scratchy, nose still runny, a little coughing but not too bad. I took a chance and ran about 6 miles last night, nice easy pace - it felt good, my breathing is a bit out of whack do to my cold, but otherwise no problemo.

So unless my cold takes another nose dive I plan on lacing up ye ole running shoes and run a half-marathon tomorrow. I wanted to try for a new PR (< 1:56) but I have already set this goal on the shelf till next time. My new goal tomorrow, maybe 2:15, longer if I feel like it needs to be. I've learned over my life that I can run with a cold, so long as it's not deep in the lungs or I have fever, but I have to slow it down. So tomorrow is a run for fun, or as my better half says a test of my machismos -> man vs. common cold - I will break you!-] She will be at the finish line, with her best friend Eva. Eva said she will bring a shovel in case they have to bury me. Great gal that Eva, she's a cycle freak!

Happy running.

Crud. That seems to be going around. I think at the end of the training you get very susceptable to colds. Hope it clears up quick. Drink your juice. Get your sleep.
Good luck tomorrow ~ sounds like a fun way to approach the day. I've had the same experience about running with a cold as long as it stays in my head. Once it heads south to the lungs and chest, though, it's time to take a break!
Good luck tomorrow. I've run a marathon with a cold - its sucked, but I did it. ...Dawn (aka Pink Lady)
Good on you for defining it as a fun run ... listen to your body! Have an awesome race and I can't wait to read all about it...
A good plan, Jack. Have fun and take a long rest afterward! I'm debating about doing a local 5K here today in the same way since I'm all creaky and sore. I guess I should get up off the couch:)
Enjoy your race!
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