Saturday, March 05, 2005

13 Miles and Broken

I ran about 22-24K today, a total of 2 hours 35 minutes. Somehow the combination of a too fast start and still slippery trails messed up my pace, I was very inconsistent. Usually, I can tell pretty close how far I run based on my time, today I’m so sure. I stopped twice, once to water a tree, and once to walk for 2-3 minutes while I ate a sport’s bar and tanked up on sport drink. But by the 2 hour point I was pooped, I had to really struggle to finish (good training for the marathon?).

As I write I feel the inconsistent pace - the back of my calves ache, and I have never been so worn out after a run. Two weeks ago I ran just a tad shorter distance but felt like I could keep going at least another few miles.

Why was it so different?

Two weeks ago I took two days of rest before my long run, this time only one. On Thursday I ran several minutes faster than normal, possibly a factor. Temperature and weather were very similar. The trail was very different – two weeks ago was a nice packed snow – this time a loose, slippery, powder base, with lots of uneven spots on the trails.

I had a lot of stress from work this week, lot’s of new projects coming in, longer hours. I was preoccupied this week on deciding whether to do two marathons this year – maybe all this had an effect 

I've often asked myself the same question. Why is it some days I feel like I could run forever and others I'm lucky to make it out the door. ...Dawn
There are so many ways that variables can sneak in. Sleep changes? Not enough hydration? Something slightly different in your food intake the 24 hours before. Stress would also add to it, if your stress management is a bit off.

Still, great that you did it at all. That's always a good starting point.
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