Thursday, March 10, 2005

100 Weird Things About Me

After noticing a few of these lists in some of the blogs, I decided to do a brain drain:

1. I’ve never ran a marathon but I’ve walked three (to date at least).
2. I once completed a 50 mile military road march.
3. I’ve gone on a three day hike in the Austrian Alps (up to 10,000 feet).
4. I’ve gone 12 years at a stretch without missing a day of work.
5. I’ve worked for over 10 years in the same company.
6. I had a supermarket catch on fire when I was in it.
7. I was the shift manager at the time.
8. I used to wash cars for a living (not on my resume).
9. I can speak German.
10. I can think in German (not as easy as you think).
11. I like to flirt with blond-haired women.
12. I have an easier time taking to women than men.
13. I’ve married every woman that I had sex with.
14. I once gave a lecture on dating.
15. It was for a Gong show in high school.
16. I won.
17. I didn’t get a date.
18. I once played Georgey-porgey (think: pudding & pie) in a high school play.
19. I got a date!
20. I once beat up the class bully.
21. It felt good.
22. I once learned how to polka.
23. I once singed off my eyebrows lighting a gasoline stove (alright Jon!).
24. I’ve driven a military tank.
25. I was on a 30-man tug-a-war team vs. a Bradley Fighting Vehicle – we lost.
26. I’ve stayed awake for 5 days straight.
27. I’ve slept for 28 hours straight.
28. I once was stranded in the desert in Death Valley for 3 days.
29. I’ve eaten woodchuck.
30. I hate pickled herring.
31. I can bake killer pies.
32. I make bread from scratch.
33. I once grilled 1283 chickens.
34. I once ate 25 McDonald’s cheeseburgers on a bet.
35. I once ate 40 6-inch pancakes on a bet.
36. I once won an ice cream eating contest.
37. I’ve eaten a whole 16” cheese pizza in two minutes.
38. I weighed 240 lbs when I was 13 years old.
39. I’ve lost 50 or more pounds at least 5 times in my life.
40. I’ve regained 50 or more pounds at least 4 times in my life.
41. I drank more before I legally could than I have since.
42. I’ve been so drunk I’ve lost my car.
43. I’ve been so drunk that I fell out of a car.
44. We were going 30 mph at the time (I wasn’t driving).
45. I don’t get drunk anymore.
46. I really regret getting drunk at all.
47. I’ve never done illegal drugs.
48. I'm a born-again Christian
49. I won't try to cram my beliefs down your throat.
50. I’ve never broken a bone (okay a couple chicken wishbones).
51. I’ve never had to stay in the hospital.
52. I’ve written my own software programs.
53. I don’t know how to program a video recorder.
54. I once was a member of the FFA (Future Farmers of America).
55. I used to love to bale hay.
56. I collect toy tractors (John Deere of course).
57. I grow most of our own vegetables.
58. I know how to prune fruit trees.
59. I make my own fruit and veggie juices.
60. I raise worms.
61. I first went to college when I was 30 years old.
62. I finished my Masters.
63. I live in a 290 year old house.
64. I can build my own furniture.
65. I learned how to lay bricks from the Internet.
66. I’ve put together my own computer.
67. I ride a train and streetcar to work by choice.
68. I like to visit cemeteries.
69. I go there to visit my relatives.
70. I take pictures of tombstones.
71. I’ve made a Webpage database of these pictures.
72. I’ve traced my family roots back to 1603.
73. I’m twelfth generation American (okay the first few were colonist’).
74. I have 6 brothers.
75. I’m the only one that’s been fat.
76. My parents have been married to each other for 56 years (so far)!!
76. I like to listen to rowdy country music.
78. I used to drive a pickup truck.
79. I like to organize things.
80. I’m forgetful.
81. I always try to tell the truth.
82. Because I’m a terrible liar.
83. I try not to swear or cuss.
84. I love to listen to people with a Scottish or Irish accent.
85. I like to sit at Cafés and watch people walk by.
86. I don’t like to travel.
87. I’ve been in 23 U.S. states.
88. I’ve been in 14 countries.
89. I’ve been on 4 continents.
90. I don’t like to drive a car at night.
91. I love to drive fast.
92. I hate being a passenger in a car.
93. Especially when the driver tailgates someone.
94. I like to bug people when they are all serious about something.
95. I’ve been accused of never taking anything serious.
96. I love to smile and laugh.
97. I thrive on attention.
98. I love to read about other peoples experiences.
99. I miss the USA.
100. I can’t believe I finished this.

I'm not proud of everything I've done in my life, particularily as a young soldier, but I look at everything that I did/do as a learning experience. I've seriously mellowed out in the last 25 years, that's good. On the other side I still have enough spirit to try new things, e.g. marathoning and beyond, that's good.

I find these lists fascinating! One day I'll have to do it myself. You've had one interesting life!!
This was a great list. Although I'm do you speak without swearing?!? Just kidding. I've got a filthy mouth, so I'm always fascinated by people who have control of these things. I have never made one of these lists, but I love reading other people's. Do you think you'll ever return to the states?
Love your list!...Dawn (aka Pink Lady)
This was awesome ... very fascinating life. You've spent time stranded in a desert, yet never in a hospital ... wow! And your take on looking back at all we've done in life and not being proud of it all, but learning from it all, is great.
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