Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"You're obsessed with running!"

Okay, I admit it I’m obsessed with running. Why do I bring this up? Because my wife reminded me of this last night.

„All you think about is running!“

Okay, so where’s the problem? I mean, just because the only thing that I read anymore has a running shoe on the cover, the only clothes I buy anymore are running clothes, the last four pairs of shoes I bought were running shoes and I can’t pass the sports drink section of the supermarket without stopping to read the labels. Does this make me obsessed?

I have noticed that my circle of friends is gradually reforming. Those that like to hear/talk about running have made their way to the front, and those that have heard me talk too much about running (is this POSSIBLE?) seem to avoid me. At least my boss understands me (a runner), he volunteered me to help organize our company team for a 8.8889 run in the Spring. This has had positive results already, I have noticed that more and more of my co-workers are running these days, mostly when they see me coming – because they know I’m going to ask them if they want to participate on the company team. Hmmm ,maybe I’m being a bit too enthusiastic.

Nah join the club. I blame it on my "addictive" personality...Dawn
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