Saturday, February 12, 2005

Training or Overtraining

I signed up for the Baden Marathon in Karlsruhe, Germany in September a couple weeks ago.

In preparation for the marathon I planned on running four times a week:

Run 1: 12K
Run 2: 16K
Run 3: 12K
Run 4: 16K or every two weeks a longer run (up to 32K)

Now I am starting to question whether the 12-16-12-16+ is going to be too much. This week I have been tired, although I have been eating more for lunch. I have been trying to get my wife to make more pasta and have concentrated on eating healthier foods in general, but she works fulltime too, so does not always have time cook.

Anyway this has left me in a bit of an emotional rut, my better half has at best "barely tolerated" my running habit. Increased demands, e.g. special diet, may lead to a general lack of support from my better half. So I guess I need to learn to cook more than hot water. From my ego-selfishcentered-standpoint this would of course mean less time to run!!

I may have to seriously reconsider my training plan if this develops further. Worst case I may have to get by with running three times a week 2x12K and a long run. Is this enough?


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