Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Snow, Snow and Snow

I have discovered a great new cross-training activity, shoveling snow. It offers great arm and back movement, provides resistance and requires many repetitions. We had a nice blanket of about 6 inches of snow yesterday morning. I just love getting up at 4:45 in the morning to cross-train (I have to catch my train to work at 6). It's a good thing that I like to cross-train, because we are expecting even MORE snow.

Last Saturday we had a couple inches of snow on the ground, this was really not a major problem to run in. Last night the trail was covered with 6-8 inches of snow, ice, snowbanks, branches, kids, sleds, dog-poo (the owners didn't want to get snow on their shoes - so let their dogs poop on MY path), and so on.

I ran my 12K, but returned home cold, wet, and p-o-mad at the lazy-dog-owners-who-let-their-dogs-poop-on-MY-path. Where's my shoe brush?

Yeah cold, wet, and this morning K-chooo - my first cold for the season.


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