Thursday, February 10, 2005

Running Log: Wednesday Feb. 9, 2005

I am feeling a little tired today, probably a result of eating too little. My legs are stiff, still trying to get used to my increased running (4x a week instead of 3). I plan on picking up the distance a little this week, alternating 12K and 16K for a total of 56K. We’ll see how that goes. Every two weeks I want to increase my long run by 2K (I just did a 20K race on Sunday). I have to decide really quick if I am going to run the Mannheim marathon in May. It makes a difference on how far my long runs are.

I’ve been reading and interesting blog at, about a woman who went from flab to marathon in one year – good reading. She emphasizes how hard it is to keep a ‘slow’ pace during training. I noticed this evening that I speeded up considerable to catch up to two runners that popped out of the forest ahead of me. I felt it this morning. Dum-dum.


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