Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines's Day Massacre

Happy Valentines Day … welllll… not really. Still too many negative vibes from the home front. I tried to have an calm discussion about my running plans for the year with my better half, it is obvious she sets no priority on my running. I am definitely egoistic about the whole thing, which doesn’t help, but if I am going to do this marathon thing I will have to walk over glass about the whole thing as far as my better half goes. And being a, what up to now seems to be the trend, typical runner wanting to go the whole way (i.e. marathon) we have this dire need to talk to someone about it and generally share our experience. Not easy when the one I bond with does not want to necessarily hear it and certainly not to the extent and frequency that I want to express myself.

Anyway my dearest has an acute fear that I will go overboard with my training, have a heart attack, die and leave her alone with the house payments. In my egoistic way I considered offering to increase my life insurance but wisely listened to the warning buzzers going off in my head that said this would not be the appropriate thing to say in the moment and would only bury me deeper. Whewee…

Anyway tonight I ran my 12K route tonight, 80 minutes flat. Temp. 34°F.


p.s. Yes I tried the chocolates and flowers!

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