Friday, February 11, 2005

Fun in the mud, or this little piggy went running

Despite a steady, gentle rain I ran 16K last night, my 12K course plus 4. The 4 I added by running about 2K down the Graben (town next to mine) Running Club trail and back. The path Y'd of so I took a left turn ended up in lots of mud – I guess they are felling trees on this part of the trail. Feeling piggish I made a mental note to run to the right next time. I was about 30-40 minutes late getting started with my run last night which met that I finished in the dark. I had anticipated this, so ran the course in reverse which provides more moonlight on the way back. The trails were pretty slick from the mud and rain, but I took it slow.

I was tired when I finished the run, but not totally kaputt. I guess I still feel the 20K race from last Sunday. I need to be careful about overtraining the week after longer races. I’m not exactly sure when I am going to squeeze in the 12 and 16K runs that I have planned this weekend. I am trying to get my wife involved in this planning to keep her from getting sick of the whole idea (or more than she is already).

Today I met with some co-workers to plan the Badischemeile, a 8.8889K run in the city nearby, that our company participated in the last couple years. We want to participate in this run plus a 10K run in October. We decided it is a bit soon to do a half-marathon, not enough people crazy enough to do it - yet!


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