Thursday, February 24, 2005

Did I say we have snow?

Did I say we have snow? For you northerners in the U.S.A. and Canada what we’ve got’s ain’t nothin’ - I know, I’m originally from central N.Y. State. But for living in the warmest part of Germany we have snow, the most this area has received in over 60 years (at least according to my in-laws).

I ran about 12K (87 minutes) last night, it took about 6 minutes longer than normal, I had to wade through up to 8 inches of snow on my trail. The worst was getting to the trail, well I mean with all the kids, sleds, mommies, poppies, doggies and idioties tracking up and down the way the first 2K turned into a sheet of ice. Anyone know where I can get studded running shoes? I think it was about 28°F last night by the time I got back from my run, the last couple K’s were getting interesting as it was snowing the whole time and I could no longer see what was under the snow. I made it back anyway, no broken bones, no major spills, wet feet - not good for my cold. Did I say we have snow?

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