Sunday, February 06, 2005

About me

Hi Everybody,

I have been reading a lot of running blogs lately and thought I would start writing down my thoughts. I started running a couple years ago to lose weight. More accurately I started lumbering like an elephant down the street, 210 lbs of raw flab. I think I only wiped out three kids and the little old lady next door. The lady would have lived but I stumbled and fell on her on the way back.

Anyway... two years later I have lost about 40 lbs, have run two half-marathons, 12 10K runs , a 20 K run and have a couple thousand miles of training behind me. I am still slow, the neighborhood kids still snicker when I lumber by, but I bet I can burn anyone of them on a long run. Heh!!

My goals this year, lose that last 15 lbs to meet my "dream" weight and run my first marathon. I'm not terribly fussy about the order, accomplishing either one will help me meet the other goal.

I have been reading up on various marathon training programs, which I will probably talk about on occasion, along with my normal bickering, moaning and complaining about anything that seems worthwhile at the moment.

So sit back and let's get started.


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